My Love Letter to my Farm

I never set out to run a hobby farm. It was never a dream of mine as a child or adolescent. I was raised in the country but not on a farm. I grew up around lots of pets and wildlife but not livestock. I spent summers in the garden with dad watching him eat raw onions still covered in dirt but I never knew he wasn’t crazy for it.

But I suppose it’s not too far fetched to see what launched me into this corner of the planet.

This winter has been an awakening for me. I’ve learned how this small farm we are building has a life of its own. It is a living, breathing entity with a heart beat, a brain and even a sense of humour. If you ask something of it, it will provide or it will dig its heels in the dirt and let up for NO ONE!

This farm knew I was coming.

The previous owners of this farm were planting baby evergreens and flower beds while I was starting to develop boobs and running from boys with cooties. This farm has been buried in hard winters, eroded in the droughts of sweltering summers and all the while, waiting for me.

With blood, sweat and many, many tears, we hope to regenerate, revive and restore this small parcel of land back into it’s living self. And as I am rising up to shake hands with this farm, I feel like I’m finally meeting it for the first time. I’m starting to peel away the blurry layers to notice the face of Gilly Farm and what a sight to see.

Gilly Farm’s heart beat is the changing of the seasons. They are the pumping life force that cycles throughout the farm. Consistent in motion but fluid in change.

Gilly Farm’s breath is the rise and fall of the sun. The long, drawn out inhale of a well used day on the farm followed by the relaxing slow release of a restful night. Both equally as important as the other and both can’t start until the other is finished.

Gilly Farm’s brain is the soil. It holds all the knowledge and wherewithal. It grows with input and holds the keys to the past and future. If nurtured it will reward your efforts and keep providing long after it’s needed.

Gilly Farm’s attitude is the weather. Your damn right my farm has attitude! Ever-changing, sometimes moody and unpredictable but also bringing weather patterns of great calm and sunsets that would make you forgive your worst critic.

Leaving this farm for a moment is like leaving behind half of myself and I feel a constant pull until I’m back in its safety. The world can be a scary place and hard to navigate but here on the farm I have purpose and fulfillment.

I’m overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude.

I’m grateful to call this home.