Three Things We Live Without

I would be very happy if our farm was fully self sufficient and we had nothing and no one to rely on but ourselves to maintain it. I’m not sure if we will ever get there but we are on the path to something parallel. This path of growing and learning helps me to question things that we bring into our lives to make sure they serve a purpose and not promote laziness.

Our lives are filled with comfortable things, some things are so comfortable that they don’t actually help us but rather hinder our abilities and enable our immobile lifestyles.

I should state that there are MANY other things that we don’t use on the farm but these three items make the top of the list because of their relevance to most peoples lives.

So the first thing we cut years ago was TV. When we first moved in, we made sure to have our cable and internet hooked up ASAP with all the shows and channels we had in our previous home. The price for TV (and cell phones) is absurd here in Canada and they make sure to package all your favourite channels in separate bundles with other channels you hate so that you order more bundles then what you want. Smart for business but not as a customer. We also realized that watching TV is brain numbing. It’s like be swallowed up into a vortex of stupid. I’m sure there are shows that exist that are educational and well-meaning but unfortunately they are engulfed in mindless commercials specifically designed to convince you to consume more in life. Can you tell I hate TV?

So anyway, besides all of the reasons listed above, TV is a time sucker. If we are watching TV, then it most likely means that we could be doing something better with our time. It’s a distraction and although most people love and require a distraction from their lives for whatever reason, I do not want that. I want to be fully involved and aware because I love the life that I have created for myself. I want to sit with my husband at the end of a long day and discuss our goals and dreams all the while making eye contact and feeling fully engaged. Distractions like phones and TV are what keeps us disconnected from others and from ourselves. I could write a whole blog about this topic, it gets me real fired up.

Now, we don’t live under a rock completely, we do have access to Netflix as it was a gift from my in-laws to all the kids. We will sometimes use it to indulge in a movie or documentary once or twice a month.

The second item that we used to own was a drier. When we bought the house it came with a washer and drier set stacked in our spare room, taking up valuable square footage. We had stopped using the drier for about a year before our trip to England to visit family in 2017. While there, I fell in love with my grandmothers tiny washer tucked under her kitchen counter and envious of her “warming cupboard” where she would store my grandfathers Gucci sweaters and underwear to dry. Feeling inspired, we arrived home and finally downsized. Our tiny washer now sits where there was once a dish washer (another unnecessary item).

Our little washer

So how do we dry our clothes??? Well, we use that age old method called wind! It’s so refreshing to have clothes dried on the line on those warm breezy days. Its pitfalls are making sure to hang on a day when they are not spraying the fields and to shake the clothes off before bringing them inside because there could be the odd bumble bee or spider on there… In the winter we have pull down racks on the wall that I use and the wood stove dries them over night. These methods work so well that I’ll NEVER go back to a drier, EVER! I should have done this years ago!

Our drop down drying racks

And the third item we did away with last year was our microwave. The main reason I deleted the microwave from our kitchen is again, SPACE. There was just no room for it and microwaves are so big and cumbersome that they make it hard to put them in most small spaces. I moved it to the basement to store to see if we could live without it and that was 6 months ago. So right now it is sitting in my car waiting to be donated. If I need to re-heat anything I just use the stove or oven and haven’t had an issue sparing an extra moment to use those other options.

Our microwave-less kitchen

Also, I can’t confirm that microwaves are even a good idea. I have to think twice about a box that cooks a potato in seconds, that’s just not natural. Again, another item built to serve our impatience. If you cook your meals and eat a healthy diet then chances are you are not using a microwave either.

Well, that’s it for my top three deleted items and I’m sure there will be more in the future as I continue to question the functionality of our everyday things. Thanks for reading!


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