My Reasons for Quitting Social Media

I want to start this off by saying that this blog is titled “My Reasons for Quitting Social Media” because they are purely MY reasons. I’m not bashing anyone who chooses to use it or for whatever reasons they choose. I know I’m among many others who feel the same way I do and I know there is some who may think the opposite. Either way, my reasons are simply that, mine.

So here goes…

I think I was about 27 when I got my first Facebook account. I was a late bloomer in that area but I preferred it that way. I used the account to post pictures of my pigs and other animals. After a very short time, I did what I normally do when I realize something doesn’t feel right, I backed out. I closed my account. I didn’t enjoy the dependence it had quickly imposed on my lifestyle and the fact that everyone I knew was doing it. I am proud to say that although I love my sheep beyond words, I will never be one in the figurative meaning. I also hated the lack of privacy I had and the lengths people would go to appear a certain way online after really knowing them in person.

After closing this account, I went many years without any form of social media. When asked by many if I had any account they could follow, I was very gratified in saying I did not. I would get crazy looks that I had three heads because EVERYBODY has social media! Geesh!

Then, just over a year ago I fell down the rabbit hole of Instagram. I loved the photo aspect and simplicity when using it and most of all it wasn’t cluttered like Facebook.

Over the course of that year and a bit, I gained some friendly followers and was able to somewhat appreciate other small farms around the world.

But here are the reasons why I ultimately deleted it.

It SUCKED my time. I would hop on to post and maybe visit a couple pages I liked and before I knew it I was swolled up in that damn search tab that seems to keep spitting out things it thinks you will like, and some you absolutely hate. I know this is the master plan behind keeping you addicted to Instagram and damn it, it was working! One thing I’ve never been good at doing since I was a little girl, is being told what to do. So once I saw the addiction in myself, I dealt with it promptly.

I realized I was carrying my phone around the farm more often. And sure that would be great if I got attacked by some wild animal and couldn’t make it back to the house to call for help. But my intent was not for emergency purposes, it was to capture a photo of the critters doing something funny to post online. I had quickly become a slave to this device and it was now using me instead of me using it.

It’s brainwashing! Even for a free thinker like myself, I would find times where it was controlling my thoughts, purchases and who I should follow almost like it had my best interest at heart. The scary part was that it fucking worked!!! Once I realized this programming was happening I didn’t hesitate at stepping away.

My last and main reason for deleting my social media is this.

I started the account to try and find like-minded people in this world. I maintain our farmstead from home and felt that if I used social media, maybe I could reach a community that held the same values as I did. I had maybe six people that I checked in with regularly and didn’t mind their content. However, I felt that as they grew quickly their content started to change. It wasn’t so genuine and organic as it once was. Things became heavily edited, sponsored and calculated. And perhaps that is just a sign of growth and maybe I was standing still but I wanted to provide a real view of our farmstead. I didn’t edit photos, I wasn’t funded to support a company I don’t agree with (lets face it, I probably wouldn’t support ANY company) and I didn’t plan my outfit that day based on what I was going to post on Instagram.

So after over a year on social media, I walked away with absolutely no connections that I felt were beneficial or valuable to carry with me.

When leaving, I contacted only two people who had any relevance in my life. One was a fellow co-worker from years ago and the other was a dear online friend I have had for many years.

I’m not saying that I didn’t have any good interactions because I did. I had help in certain situations and was even a help to others at times. I appreciate those connections. My account helped to bring people here to read my blog but I didn’t want to be one of those people that lured you around the internet just to get hits on my page to make money. I know people do it and do it well, but something about it bothers me deeply.

So for now, I’ll continue to write here, for me, and if people see it then great, and if people don’t then that’s ok too. My life goes on with or without it.

The only things I want to be dependent on in my life are my health and food. If I have my health then I can grow my food and feed myself, my husband and our animals.

I refuse to fall into the trap of modern day distractions because I don’t want to be distracted from my life. My life is wonderful and I’m so lucky to be in the middle of it! I can’t waste another moment staring at my damn phone when my animals, my farm and my husband are way more interesting.

Thanks for reading!


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