Spring on the Farm

Spring is just wrapping up here on the farm and we have already experienced the sweltering heats of summer, some of which have cooked my poor basil in the garden.

The wild raspberries are shooting for the sky, my fruit trees are blooming and my favourite gathering of the spring is in full swing. Our large horse chest nut tree has bloomed its amazingly fragrant flowers and there is a cloud of large bumble bees devouring all the sweetness it has to offer. When that tree is in full bloom, you can smell it anywhere on our 5 acre farm and it makes me so happy that it brings all the bees to our yard.

I’m pleased to say the garden is planted with my blood, sweat and tears. . . and some seed too. Many seeds have germinated and are growing well. The berry patch is booming, garlic is growing fatter and my carrots finally joined the race after re-planting the seed. I make the mistake every year of planting the carrot seed too deep, even though I swear I didn’t. Sure enough, weeks went by and nothing. upon planting again, BOOM, germination within 7 days! My bad…again!

This year I will be growing many plants just for seed saving. This includes but it not limited to carrots, beets, lettuces, onions among the usual seed saving foods like squash, beans, peas and garlic. Some of these are biennials and need to be planted this summer to harves the seed next summer so it’s a long process. Also, my onions for seed need to be planted in another location so as not to cross pollinate with my other onions that I will not be using for seed. It can all get confusing at times but I like to think I’m on the ball.

Our critters are on a rotational grazing schedule which they appreciate because of all the new lush eating every 10 days. And our chickens have moved into a mobile coop and are living in the meadow for the summer. There they can indulge in more bugs and free-ranging while staying out of the garden for the season.

I’m happy to announce that the pigs have moved out of the addition on the house and down into the barn. They enjoy it much more and can come and go as they please however I can only assume I’ll have some cranky piggies come winter and they are wondering why they don’t have their cozy comforters and heater. I’ll deal with that when it comes, haha.

The dogs have moved out! Don’t get me wrong, I love our dogs but our home is VERY small and 4 dogs were starting to get the best of us. Our furniture was ruined, things destroyed and our poor rug in front of the couch had taken one too many pisses on it for no good reason. They have moved into the addition on the house and we are all happier for it. Now they can play their hearts out and I don’t have to worry about them tracking it all in our house. Greg and I can finally sit on our clean couch without feeling bad that we took a spot from the dogs and we can even leave random things laying around without the fear of a dog eating them. Set The saying “fences make great neighbours” is so true! We enjoy our dogs more without getting frustrated and they enjoy us much more too!

More news on the farmstead, we have added a new addition!

Meet Mulberry. Our baby Embden goose! We acquired her from the neighbours and I’m so happy to have a goose on the farm again. I love geese and especially love goose eggs so I’m looking forward to next year for that. Fingers crossed that I sexed her correctly as a female and not a male or maybe she will be a trending goose and identify as gender neutral? HA! She has fit right in with the ducks and spends her days free roaming, swimming and sleeping with both her feet stretched out behind her like she just got run over by a tractor. She really is the sweetest thing!

Well that’s enough for now, I’ll check in again very soon with more news and what medicinal plants I’ve been harvesting from the farm.

Thanks for reading!

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