July Farm Update

Well the garden is in full swing with flowers blooming and currants ripening. We are stuck in a drought at the moment without rain for weeks and not seeing any coming for more weeks to come. The heat and humidity is almost unbearable at the moment with temps around 40 degrees celsius and not showing any signs of relief. These muggy hot days seem equivalent to the blistering cold days of winter where you can’t get any work done because the temp is just too extreme to spend more then a few minutes in. That coupled with the bugs and relentless black flies that pester us and the animals can just about ruin the summer months.

Regardless of the sweltering heat, bolting greens and hours spent watering, the garden keeps me busy in the early hours of the day and the late hours of the evening. These times are quite peaceful and the easiest times to work outside. I’m very proud to say I’ve been on top of the weeding this year with just a few moments spent each day to pick the odd weed that pops up. It’s very uplifting to have a tidy garden and be able to focus and visibly see the plants that need my full attention.

Soon I hope to run a drip line in the berry patch. I’ll have to run about 250 feet with emitters for each plant but it will save me a lot of time in the future. There will be another garden addition as we will need more space for garlic and onions and we will be adding a small glasshouse for season extension and hardening off trays. Among this we are also hoping to build a few other things around the farm and perhaps even re-pointing the brick on the house but time is flying and sometimes the heat of the day gets the best of you.

We have a kitten on the farm! Her name is Birdy and she is just full of piss and vinegar. She spends the early mornings with me in the garden chasing butterflies and hiding in the beets. We also welcomed a Rouen duck from a family member and he seems to be getting on fine with the flock so far.

I’ve been doing a lot of picking and drying for teas and medicinal uses. On the go I have Calendula, Peppermint and Chamomile and I’ll be sure to share the process I use once it’s ready.

Thanks for checking in and I’ll have another post up within the week!

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