oh, Hello!

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us here at Gilly Farm. Feel free to stay a while, poke around, creep the farm and have a laugh or two.

I’m De, the lucky one who gets to run our farm full time alongside my best friend and husband, Greg.

Seven years ago, we scored this 4 acre property for a screaming deal and have slowly been turning it into a thriving little hobby farm ever since. This property was not set up to be a farm, it was just a tiny house on overgrown land. So the first year we had a lot of work to do! We cleared, fenced, tilled and started to welcome some animals in. We built the barn, coop, the shop and extended the garden (which we seem to do every year anyway). And so Gilly Farm was established!

A panoramic view of the garden, and coop 2018. The garden has had two more additions added since.

Gilly Farm all started with a pot bellied pig named Gilly, you can read my first blog post for his story. Since Gilly, we have welcomed more rescued pigs, ducks, bunnies, sheep, donkeys, dogs, cats and chickens to our farm. Most of our animals came with a story to tell or scars to prove it but here they can retire in peace and enjoy their days among grazing pastures and homegrown garden treats.

Here on the farm we live sustainably and alongside with nature. We are far from perfect but we are always learning and adopting new ways of doing things. Growing your own food and medicine is the most important job but it’s also the most rewarding.


One of the many topics that I am extremely passionate about is FOOD and how we can make ourselves sick by what we eat and we can also reverse disease by what we eat. Food is medicine and that is why I grow a farmacy on my farm. Although I still use a grocery store for some foods, I prefer to have full control over how my food is grown, harvested and stored so that I can reap the benefits and healing powers of it.

Greg and I also spend a lot of our time in the shop building things, working on the truck or fixing equipment. Growing up as tomboy, racing cars and building most of the things I wanted rather then buying them was training me for this lifestyle I’m living today. Greg and I weld, grind and wrench together so I lucked out again when I landed my bestfriend and husband all in one.

So here on the blog, you will see a mix match of everything from animals and animal care to food, health, wood work, metal fab builds and anything homestead-ish.

Thanks for popping in!